ULTRAcel is a mini face lift you can have done in your lunch break

The lowdown Hands have always been the giveaway to a woman’s age – but no more. Because here is a facelift for your mitts, with not a scalpel in sight. First, hands are photographed, scrubbed, exfoliated and moisturised, before the turbocharged Enerjet machine (a needleless jet device that looks like a Star Wars prop) is fired up. Each ‘non-injection’ is a tiny pinprick (roughly 30 per hand) that shoots a dose of hyaluronic acid and saline deep into the skin. This causes a controlled trauma, stimulating fibroblasts to form new collagen. A spell of red-light therapy follows, to encourage the healing process, before an antioxidant and some SPF50 is slapped on. You’re in and out in around 45 minutes.

Pain factor The sound (like a staple gun) is a bit unnerving but, at worst, the sensation is best described as uncomfortable. If your pain tolerance is low, a topical anesthetic can be applied in advance.

Downtime It’s not pretty: the welts that spring up on the backs of your hands are truly alarming. But, rest assured, they are gone within a few hours.

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