At Fitzgerald Private Clinic we always start by listening.

We allocate plenty of time to allow a thorough initial consultation, where we can talk through your concerns and help you to find the best option for you and your health.

Before discussing procedures or surgeries, Deirdre will start by listening. During your first consultation with Deirdre, she will want to find out about you, and how your problem effects you. In this way it should be possible for you to arrive at a solution together.

For some people, the issues can be dealt with without surgery, but for those for whom it is the best option, you will be taken through it in great detail, at each stage of the process. Naturally, facial surgery can be daunting, but you will find that you will receive plenty of support before, during and after the surgery.

What is a Facial Plastic Surgeon?

A Facial Plastic Surgeon does not perform plastic procedures below the neck. A particular strength of the subspecialty facial plastic surgery is that experts from different areas combine their skill and artistry to bring the best possible care, knowledge, and treatment to the patient. Given that it is extremely difficult to excel at all of the surgeries included in the repertoire of a General Cosmetic surgeon, a Facial Plastic Surgeon will usually perform only surgeries of the head and neck in order to perfect his/her abilities in this area. Deirdre is a member of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery and Facial Plastic Surgery UK, and is a teacher at the London Facial Plastic Surgery Course and also the St George’s London Rhinoplasty Course.


  • Rhinoplasty
  • Septorhinoplasty:Functional, Cosmetic, Revision, Complex, Graft
  • Broken Nose: Manipulation of Nasal Bones
  • Protruding Ear(s): Pinnaplasty/Otoplasty
  • Ear Fold
  • Skin Lesions: Moles, Skin Cancers excision and reconstruction